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Do you have ICE DAMS or a WET, MOLDY ATTIC? 

Is your attic sweltering in the Summer?

Attic inspections from VentMASTER tell you why and how to fix all your attic problems.

VentMASTER specializes in expert attic inspections. With over 30 years of expertise working with attic ventilation, we quickly get to the bottom of even the most problematic attic issues. In addition to our expertise, we use a variety of equipment and an array of technology to add to our ability to discover even the most carefully hidden issues.

Because VentMASTER does not perform the work and does not make referrals to other contractors to perform the work, you can be assured of an honest, fair assessment.  You will receive a customized, detailed report presenting you with our findings and best-practices solutions – a roadmap that will enable you to fix all issues and make any improvements.

Why is an attic inspection important?

Because most home owners rarely visit their attic, it is often forgotten about. Inside the home, most people can easily spot issues when they occur. Because the attic is so rarely visited, it is an unfamiliar space. A knowledgeable expert is familiar with this space and can spot issues easily. A good inspector will make you are aware of any issues before they become major, costly problems. You will learn how to fix anything we find, improve your air quality, have better in-house comfort, and save money at the same time.  

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What do we look for?

  • Proper insulation. Did you know that roughly 90% of homes have too little insulation? Not having enough insulation results in heat loss and higher utility bills.
  • Adequate ventilation and free flowing air – is there proper venting in working condition:
    • During the Summer dangerously high temperatures can deteriorate attic joists and rafters. A hot attic with poor ventilation and/or insulation attic will affect the temperature in the rest of the home.
    • In the cold months, a lack of attic ventilation can lead to dangerous problems like ice dams, moisture, and the mold that can create.
  • We often see blockages from improperly blown-in insulation, or debris, such as trash, leaves, bird nests, etc.
  • Water damage and cracks – areas around roof vents, skylights and chimneys are more susceptible to water leakage. We look for all the tell-tale signs of leaks, moisture, mold and rotting in the sheathing and framing.
  • Evidence of rodents or other pests that can damage wires, ductwork, and insulation.
  • Opportunities to save energy in addition to insulation and ventilation. Air sealing is important for energy efficiency and home comfort. Hot and cold spots indicate leaking air and drive up the costs of your energy bills.

What do I receive?

Every attic is different, and we make sure you receive a full report tailored to your attic’s condition. We give you all our findings and a list of action items that you can take to your contractor for immediate attention. You are secure in the knowledge there is no padding and extras to work up the bill.

… I just wanted to let you know that the ventilation improvements have made a HUGE difference!
- MS, Marlborough, MA

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