VentMASTER Attic Ventilation Solving Heat, Mold, and Ice Dam problems


At VentMASTER Inc. we are proud of our work and the results we produced for our clients in Massachusetts and throughout New England. After 30 years of providing attic ventilation solutions, we are now exclusively providing attic inspections and problem diagnostics. Below are testimonials from past satisfied customers, additional references are available upon request.

…about two years ago you installed a new ridge vent in my roof due to heat in the attic. … during this excessive heat event I went into the attic and the temperature was comfortable, … substantially better than before your installation.D.O., Ipswitch, MA
…appreciate the work. Freddie and the guys were fabulous! JK, Haverhill, MA
… I just wanted to let you know that the ventilation improvements have made a HUGE difference, even with this ridiculous winter we’ve had. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am and how much stress this has removed from my life!! Thank you!!! MS, Marlborough, MA
…Don, thanks so much, the fella’s did a fine job, John is amazing and works his ass off. RR, West Newton, MA
…The difference is truly great. It’s so much cooler upstairs now ….Thanks so much for your help.C.W. West Roxbury, MA
…Your crew came out today and they were great!. The RH in the attic has dropped from around 50-60% to 33% in just a few hours. I think the ridge vent change will be a huge win. J.W. Wilmington, MA
… you did a ventilation / insulation job at my house a few years ago. This has been the first winter that the weather has given it its first real test.

Happy to report that – at this point in time – I have seen no visible leaks around my 3 bay windows. … everything looks good”.M.D., Arlington, MA

…Thank you for getting the job done and putting the extra soffit vents up in order to improve the ventilation to a high standard, we appreciate it.A.C., Mansfield, MA

…Thank you for doing a great job. Your guys are all very nice and courteous. That’s real important when they need to be working inside people’s homes.D.B.

…provided very helpful insight …He was clear in what he and his team would do and what benefit we should see. …Vent Master’s work crew was very professional and diligent.

…Very professional all around and will use them again”L.H., Lexington, MA

…(you) guys were great, work was done well. Humidity in the attic has come down substantially and is now running consistently below the outside humidity by as high as 20%.C.W. Hollis NH

… very competent in the areas that I was looking for. It has been a very good experience so far.G.H., Winthrop, MA

…Your crew is doing a great job, the quality of the work and the attention to detail.K.W., Southborough MA

…You guys did a great job, my thanks to Fred & John.M.B., Dracut MA

…Thanks so much for the great work. My upstairs has never been so cool.L.R., Newton

…Thanks again, we are really pleased with the work you

did.B.K., Melrose

… I think your work was excellent in terms of timeliness, and seems to have been managed well. Your employees worked hard under difficult conditions and were accomodating and pleasant.A.M., Needham

…Things are working well. The addition seems to hold heat much better, and the rooms upstairs are significantly warmer.

…Overall, I would say that you and your team did a very nice job, and we are quite happy with the results.T.S., North Reading

…so far so good with all the work your team did here. I marvel at the silence of that bathroom fan after our previous jet-engine fan! Thanks for all your help – you and your team were a pleasure to work with.J.G., Needham

…I just received my gas bill for December and the ‘therms’ usage went from 270 last Dec. to 181 this year. Also, there was one extra day in December ’11 as compared to Dec. ’10. I should also add that I feel that the house is retaining more heat – not just throughout the day but also at night.M.D. Arlington, MA

Now that we’ve endured our first heat wave of the summer, I can enthusiastically tell you that the attic ventilation you put in has made a huge difference in our house. I went up in the attic at 6 pm the other night and it was about the same temperature as the outside. At night, our house cools off very quickly and is comfortable for sleeping just with the windows open.

Last summer we’d get up in the morning after several hot days, and the house would be 10-15 degrees hotter than the outside, and despite running fans we couldn’t get the house to cool off again. So it’s amazing what a difference it has made. I’m excited to see how things look this winter with regards to ice dams!Ruth, Newton, MA

… Thanks for the great job your crew did Tuesday. I was impressed with their work and your professionalism. I also appreciate the recommendations for next steps and have already adjusted the dryer as you suggested …Thanks.Jennifer G

…After all the trouble I have had over the last five or six years it is a great relief to me to have it well ventilated and (hopefully) dry. The mold was, in the beginning, very bad and when it came back it was devastating to me. Then when that small leak occurred near the chimney all I could think of was it is going to start all over again. But thanks to the extremely high ethics of your company, I think that we will be OK. Your guys worked hard, quickly and efficiently. They came up, saw the problem and went after it. I really appreciate them, you and Don Marcoux for your individual attentions. If I ever hear of someone needing this type of work I will highly recommend you. Thanks again.Don C.

… the work you did really did make a huge difference this winter. Even though weather was not as severe, there was not 1 icicle hanging off my roof this year, very little to no damming happening at all. Thanks again.J.O. - Tyngsboro, MA

Hi Don – thanks so much for the work you did Friday – you guys did a great job! I have noticed a huge improvement since then…it’s great! Thank you!S.R., Marblehead, MA

Number one the entire crew was great. Very nice people to work with and would gladly do so again. Secondly, we can tell a big difference in the upstairs temperature. There are even times that upstairs is cooler than the first floor. I’m sure this work will also help with heating costs this winter.

Thanks for a great experience in home improvement.KH, Boxford, MA

It works! We could tell the difference the first night. Shanta and I went up to the attic on Sunday afternoon and I did not even sweat. It still gets warm on the 2nd floor, but not hot, and it cools down at night better. Thanks a lot!CG, Arlington, MA

I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that Brian and Fred did a great job. Everything looks great, thank you for solving my problem.MP, Chelmsford, MA

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