VentMASTER Attic Ventilation Solving Heat, Mold, and Ice Dam problems

Attic Mold and Moisture

At VentMASTER, we determine where the moisture is coming from and how to get rid of it.

Attic mold

Poor attic ventilation can cause significant problems; not the least of which is excess moisture that can cause attic mold.

In all homes, people create moist air by simply showering, drying clothes, using humidifiers, etc. This warmer moist air rises up toward and through the ceiling into your attic.

In poorly ventilated attics, the moisture condenses on the roof sheathing, framing members and insulation creating a wet attic where mold can grow.

Some tell tale signs of excessive attic moisture and attic mold are:

  • Rusty roofing nails sticking through the roof sheathing
  • Dark and light mold stains
  • Icicles forming on the nails during winter months, etc.

At VentMASTER, we determine where
the moisture is coming from and how to get rid of it.

We also recommend industry experts to
identify/remediate your mold. Just ask!

Does your homeowners policy cover mold damage?
Will it adequately pay for water damage?

Often, Insurance policies will have some coverage for mold caused by sudden and accidental water losses — for example, you have a burst  pipe, or ice dams which is covered, and mold results from the incident.

Read your policy, all endorsements and riders.
Familiarize yourself with the terms of your policy.

Contact us if you find
Water Damage or Mold

.Winter Attic Condensation

attic moisture creates attic mold

Proper ventilation prevents moisture from condensing in the structure, insulation and shingles of your home. Moisture that can create a moldy attic.
A well ventilated attic allows air to flow through it, preventing condensation and decreasing the likelihood of moisture damage to your home.

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