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How much does it cost?

Usually less than one month’s mortgage payment.


How long does it take?

Most jobs are completed in one day.


Who will do the work?

Our highly skilled ventilation installers will do the work.


Is it messy?

No. We use drop cloths when inside and in both interior and exterior work, we make sure that the mess is removed and your home is left as clean as it was when work began.

Do you install fans?

Not usually, most of our systems are passive.

A passive system uses no electricity and unlike fans, they work year-round, won’t increase your electric bill, and won’t wear out.Ridge and soffit vents prevent attic moisture……………………………………


Will the work change the appearance of my home?

It’s almost invisible and blends in well with your existing home!

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Can you identify/remediate the mold in my attic?

VentMASTER does not perform mold testing or mold remediation services, we stop the attic moisture which causes the mold. However, we can recommend several excellent companies that have long records of mold testing and remediation services.

Envirotech Clean Air, Inc


Do you need to get into the house to do the work?

Sometimes we have to access the house to move the insulation for soffit venting or installing insulation and dryer and bathroom fans.

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