VentMASTER Attic Ventilation Solving Heat, Mold, and Ice Dam problems

Attic Heat

 Is Attic heat making your whole house hot and uncomfortable
Do you have a HOT or stuffy attic?

VentMASTER saves you money by reducing your energy bills and keeping your house cooler and more comfortable. We remove the causes of excessive attic heat and humidly.

Our state-of-the-art passive, solutions include:

  • Finding and sealing the leaks between the attic and interior, preventing the overheated attic air from making the lower levels of your home uncomfortable
  • Improving ways to move excess humidity out of the home
  • Ventilating hot air out properly which keeps the overall attic temperature lower
Is Your Hot Attic Making Your Whole House Uncomfortable?

Attic heat, hot attic

Poor ventilation and air leakage turns your attic into a giant humid, hot box. That heat radiates down through the attic floor (even if it’s insulated) into the living space below. A well-sealed space and good attic ventilation keeps the hot out, and your home stays cooler. VentMASTER specializes in hot attic solutions.

By moving the excess humidity that comes from cooking, showers, and simply living in your home, out of the interior space and attic year round, a host of problems are prevented:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Increased dust mites and Asthma issues
  • Long term damage to paint and wallpaper
  • We just feel hotter in overly humid air (remember, it isn’t the heat, it’s the humidly – but actually it’s both!)

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